Large Owl Basket

Craftsy is a dangerous place. Kits for crochet abound. This basket, I admittedly crocheted awhile ago, and I thought I’d put it on my blog. Guess I didn’t! I know I put it on FB, and I guess that’s as far as I got. It only took one evening to make, and it works fantastically well to hold all my balled yarn. I tell myself that when the basket is near empty I can buy yarn again . . . hahaha! I’ve already broken that rule!


Peep Cupcakes

Easter came too early this year. I had lots of Easter ideas for blogging, but because it snuck up on me in March instead of landing in April, I wasn’t as prepared as usual. So, while it may not help any of you crafty bakers to get ideas for your desserts this year, I’ll still post this.


The Easter Beagle and his Peeps!

In order to make these cupcakes, you will need the following:

Your favorite cake mix or homemade cake recipe

Your favorite frosting, dyed lime green

A star tip for piping the frosting

Pastel colored Sixlets for eggs

Bunny peeps, and egg peeps if you like the big easter egg ones

Cadbury mini-eggs for variety in Easter egg decorations, and for those family and friends that dislike Peeps and Sixlets.


Make and bake your cake mix into cupcakes. I chose Spring-themed papers to bake them in. While the cupcakes are baking, make your frosting. For bright colored grass like mine, use the Neon food dye kit.

Put the frosting into a piping bag, and prep your materials. I split apart all of my Peeps and opened my Sixlets and Cadbury Eggs and put them into bowls for easy access for decorating.

When the cupcakes are cooled, dirty ice them. It needn’t be a lot of frosting, just enough to help the piping stick to the cake.

Pipe the grass onto your cupcake using the star tip. I start from the inside and work my way out when I pipe things like this.

Once your cupcakes are piped, then put the bunny in the middle of the cupcake. Press down lightly, but firmly, on the bunny so it goes down into the cake slightly. Then, place the chocolate of your choice in front of the bunny for Easter eggs. You can also, if you like, get Twizzlers or some other licorice to put in an arch above the bunny and the eggs so that it looks like an Easter basket. I didn’t go to that extra work, though!

This is a quick and easy decoration that I found people really loved as Easter gifts! Hope you like them!

Leprechaun Feet

My mom had been looking for a craft that my she, my grandma, and I could do together, and we were thinking woodcraft might be a good choice.

Just Bee Scrappin’ offered a class that had a variety of woodcrafts: an easter egg, a cracked egg, and leprechaun feet. My mom and grandma did the eggs. I did the leprechaun feet. And I love them! It was a lot easier to do the craft than I imagined. For the paper, we only had to use a basic glue stick to hook it on, and it stayed fast! I also loved using the glitter for the shoes.

Here’s the finished product!


It looked great on the entryway table!

Hook. Stitch. Box. Review

A few months back, I saw an ad on Facebook that caught my attention. FB seems to be learning that I pay attention to yarn/crochet ads. Anyways, I clicked on the ad, and discovered what looked to be a great deal: a box full of artisan materials each month and a couple patterns to make with the yarn they sent. I figured where there was a deal on if I got in early on the new startup, I might as well. What’s there to lose trying something new, right?

I figured it would just be one or two small projects and a fun yarn each month. I picked bright colors for my box.

What came was so much more than I expected.


I got two patterns, enough yarn to make two of each pattern, crochet hooks, honey stix, four tea bags, hot cocoa, a mug, chapstick, and cute little snails to hold my tea bags to the top of my mug.

Guys. Hook. Stitch. Box. was, with the sale, less that $25 dollars a month, plus I got free shipping. With how much I love this, I should have paid for the whole bloody year’s worth of boxes. I only went for a quarter. Guess I know what I’ll be saving up for in a couple months! Goodness knows, with the PhD rejections rolling in, I’m going to need some hook therapy.

Here are the completed projects for this month’s box, which had the theme “Snuggle Up.”

I’m going to try again on both of these: I am going to use a smaller hook to make the slippers smaller (the ones in this picture were a gift for my cousin), and I am going to add length to the mug cozy because the one pictured doesn’t fit the mug I want it to fit. They’re both fun projects and they work up quickly, so I can’t wait to make more!

Bring on the awesomeness, Hook. Stitch. Box.